hi, i'm kelly ngo

I'm a photographer, filmmaker, and booker based in Austin, Texas.

Currently, I work full time as a video editor and cinematographer for a production company. Previously, I worked as a photo editor at GoDaddy. In my free time, I am a freelancer in both photo and video. I also curate shows at Howdy Gals and Jimmy Eat Wednesday.

I have an extensive background in multimedia, with knowledge in pre-production, production, and post-production. I take pride in being able to work in any aspect of creating content, and am able to independently take a project from an idea to the finished product. 


 I graduated with a film degree from The University of Texas, where I picked up skills in cinematography, color-grading, editing, and stills. I enjoy narrative and documentary work, music videos, and like to occasionally work with 3D animation. 

I shoot anything and everything - shows, portraits, events, weddings, film stills, product photos, architecture, lifestyle, etc. There isn't anything I don't enjoy capturing. To me, it's all about taking a moment and capturing its essence. I strive to capture and create moments that tell stories, evoke emotions, and preserve memories - through any and all mediums.

If you'd like to book a shoot, create a video, or brainstorm a concept, send me an email. I am willing to work with any and all budgets -- let's get to work!

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Kelly Ngo is a photographer and videographer based in Austin, Texas. Her work includes music, portrait, lifestyle, nature, events, and more.

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 austin, texas // misskellyngo@gmail.com